Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm Big!

I'm Big!
written and illustrated by Kate and Jim McMullan
(Balzer and Bray) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

A snoozy Sauropod awakes from his slumber to find that the pack has moved on. As he attempts to catch up with his herd, the Sauropod bumps into other dinosaurs (stegosaurus, pteranodon) and asks them to keep an eye out for his group. Unexpectedly, he runs into a pack of predators. What will he do? He's doesn't have fangs or claws to fight or the speed to run away. The one asset he possesses comes in handy as he faces the trouble in front of him.

Like their previous books such as I Stink!, Kate and Jim McMullen have created a text that has tons of expressive phrases that are fun to read and vibrant illustrations that will keep eyes glued to the page. If you are teaching students to read with expression, this would be a good text to read. You won't find a book that uses more question marks or exclamation points. I'm Big! is also ideal for teaching the use of sound words in writing.

Click below to see the book trailer.

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