Friday, September 3, 2010

Two New Alphabet Book Titles

Brian Wildsmith's Amazing Animal Alphabet
written and illustrated by Brian Wildsmith
(Star Bright Books) 2009
Source: Orange County Public Library

One of the cool things that happens when you do a blog like this is you come across people you should have known a long time ago and are just now discovering. Brian Wildsmith is one such person. He is a very distinguished British author and illustrator and his Amazing Animal Alphabet shows why.  The illustrations are gorgeous and the mix of animals from the familiar to the not so familiar is great (I now know about the xenops!) . The back matter provides a paragraph of details about each animal. Another wonderful thing about this alphabet book is the font. I've read several alphabet books where the font is quite tricky and might throw off a child trying to learn their letters. The font is this book is very kid friendly.

A Fabulous Fair Alphabet
written and illustrated by Debra Frasier
(Beach Lane Books; Simon and Schuster) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

Warning: Do not read A Fabulous Fair Alphabet on an empty stomach! I became very hungry as I read this extraordinary mixed media melange. Debra Frasier photographed thousands of letters while visiting state fairs and has created an astounding alphabetic visual feast. If this book does not catch the eye of your students, I'm not sure what will. As a child of North Carolina, I have one tiny complaint. I did not spot a funnel cake anywhere. You can't have a state fair without funnel cakes. My petty whining aside, go find this book and entertain your eyes and flash back to old fair memories. It would be fun to gather the background knowledge of your students about fairs before sharing this book.

Visit Debra Frasier's website for cool resources related to this book and others that she has written.

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