Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Black Crow

Little Black Crow
written and illustrated by Chris Raschka
(Atheneum Books for Young Readers) 2010
Source: Orange County Public Library 

Little black crow,
do you ever wonder about lightning or thunder?
About morsels you eat?
About creatures you meet?

A little boy sitting on a fence wonders about the life of a black crow and in turn about life itself.  He asks 27 questions of the crow, questioning how the crow takes care of itself in the rain and how it sleeps in the deep forest. By asking these rhyming questions, the boy takes the reader on a journey of thinking about not just the life of the crow but the boy himself. I began wondering why the boy was alone on the fence and what life was like with his family. He takes on big subjects like love and creation with his questions which forces the reader to ponder these things as well.

I read Little Black Crow with two groups of kindergarten students today and not surprisingly the class was full of questions. Two areas, where the crow goes in the winter and where he goes during a storm, were the main topics of the questions. I'm not sure they were able to latch onto the bigger themes that this book touches upon, but I'm sure older students would be able to do this. Since there are rhymes in this book, I also asked the groups to provide the word on a second line to see if they could generate the rhyme. I wish I had thought to do a Venn diagram with my class comparing the boy and the crow. There are a lot of possibilities for after reading activities with Little Black Crow.

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