Sunday, September 19, 2010

iPod adventures in kindergarten

Yesterday was our first day using the iPod touch in small groups in our kindergarten class. I met with 5 or 6 students at a time and started by explaining how to turn it on and off.  Most of our students had never used one before, but they quickly learned how to manipulate it.  Simply touching the device and not crushing it with their finger was a challenge for some, but soon most students were able to swipe and touch without too much trouble. After meeting with the first group, I also realized I hadn't been explicit enough with my instructions, so I made sure with subsequent groups that I showed them everything I wanted them to do.  Each group used either the Monster ABC app where they work on letters and sounds or The Cat in the Hat app where they can have the story read to them or read it themselves.  Part of our thinking is for the students to learn their letters and how text works in a different setting and with a different medium than normal. I met with each group for approximately 9 minutes. My co-teacher and our assistant made the point that this was also a good exercise in developing fine motor skills. We were extremely pleased how quickly our students were able to work with the Touch and look forward to using them again next week.

I want to tip my hat to Moms with Apps again. Along with a free download on App Friday, there also is an app link exchange where readers share their favorite apps. That beats slogging through iTunes to find a decent app among the hundreds available. Speaking of iTunes and Moms with Apps, developer Julie McCool has written an enlightening post titled Five Tips for Decoding an iTunes App Listing. Click on the link and learn.


  1. So interesting to read about the iPod debut in a Kindergarten classroom. Also, thank you for the Moms With Apps mention, our group is volunteer-based so we certainly appreciate it when folks help get the word out. Regards, Lorraine from Moms With Apps.

  2. I'll be mentioning Moms with Apps often. You have a great website that provides a needed service. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. On the one hand, this is so cool. On the other: do Kindergarteners need more screen time? Tough call.

    PS - I am SO honored to be on the Cybils Easy Reader/Early Chapter panel with you. I love your perspective on books!

  4. Terry, I am totally honored as well to work with you and the other panelists.

    It is a tough call on providing more screen time, but I fall back on the fact that many of my students do not have access to iPods or even computers, so I feel the need to provide opportunities for these students.


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