Saturday, September 25, 2010

iPod adventures - Clifford's Be Big With Words

In our small groups yesterday, we used the Clifford's Be Big with Words app on our iPods. Students can make three letter words by choosing letters from a palette and dragging them onto a line. They do this three times to make a word. Irregardless of what letter they choose, they will still make a word each time. I added an extension by having students write down the words they made on a chart. Our kindergarten students were excited to be making words and it was a good exercise in using fine motor skills as well. After only two exposures of about 8 minutes apiece, our students are becoming very comfortable with the iPod touch.  For most of our class, this is the only experience they have had with this device. I have a colleague who guides me to always ask "Why are we doing this?" before trying something new. The point of the question is to make sure every activity has a sound educational reason behind it. Using this app helped our class review letters and sounds and work on stretching out words in order to decode.  We shot a video of one of our students saying "L-O-G". He was pretty excited to be able to recognize this word.

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