Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm a Truck Driver

I'm a Truck Driver          
written by Jonathan London; illustrated by David Parkins
(Christy Ottaviano Books) 2010
Source:Orange County Public Library
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I have a colleague who is implementing a transportation unit in kindergarten this week and this is the perfect book.  Each set of pages features a different vehicle with a humorous illustration and four rhyming lines that describe the vehicle:

                                                                    I'm a Power Shovel operator.
                                                                    I dig up the land.
                                                                    I operate the gears
                                                                    and scoop up the sand.

There are 12 different vehicles featured in this book, and young readers will enjoy reading about all of them. I'm a Truck Driver would be a good mentor text for teaching using sound words in writing. On a similar note, you can also teach young readers why authors will change fonts in a book. In this case, it's to showcase sound words. This book would be a good companion to the Trucktown series from Jon Scieszka and friends. You could read this book as part of creating a transportation circle map as well.

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