Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Willoughby and the Moon

Willoughby & the Moon
written and illustrated by Greg Foley
(Balzer & Bray) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

Willoughby Smith was having trouble sleeping each night. He was bothered by the gradual disappearing of the moon outside his window.  One night, it isn't there at all. Willoughby says he isn't scared, but his tone of voice belied his words. A mysterious soft light from inside the closet drew his attention and when he opened the door, he found the moon and a giant snail on top of it! The snail lost his favorite silver ball and needed help finding it. Willoughby and the snail explore the moon while looking for the ball and along the way help each other conquer their fears.

Willoughby and the Moon is one of the most unusual looking books out there and that will immediately grab the attention of your students. The only colors in this glossy combination of drawings and photographs are black, silver, and white. The drawings may initially attract readers, but the story will keep them reading. They will connect with Willoughby and his fear and the friendship that develops between him and the snail. You could also use this book for a lesson on the phases of the moon.

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