Friday, July 16, 2010

Todd's TV

Todd's TV
written and illustrated by James Proimos
(Katherine Tegen Books) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

Todd's parents are very busy. They have meetings to attend and many "parent things" to do and therefore far too busy to spend much time with Todd. Their solution is for him to spend time in front of the television. Todd and the television grow very close. So close that when the busy parents are unable to go to a parent-teacher conference, the TV offers to take Todd. Soon, the TV and Todd are playing catch and going on vacation together while his parents remain oh so busy. The TV becomes so fond of Todd that it wants to legally adopt him.  Todd's parents are outraged, but at a loss for how to regain Todd's affections. It is Todd who saves the day and comes up with a perfect solution. The last page contains a very clever ending.

Todd's TV is a terrific piece of social commentary. James Proimos has crafted a book that should be read to/or by parents and teachers. To see this kind of biting social satire in a picture book is unusual, but welcomed. When the TV offered to adopt Todd, I busted a gut. It also made me think about my own daughters and the time they spend with television and computers versus the time they spend with my wife and I.  Students will easily make connections with the text.  You will not lack for enlightening discussion if you read this in your class.  I would suggest reading it early in the year so you can hear and read the responses of your students. It might tell you quite a bit about their home life.

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