Sunday, July 18, 2010

Princess Says Goodnight

Princess Says Goodnight
written by Naomi Howland; illustrated by David Small
(Harper) 2010
Source: Orange County Public Library

On her way to bed, a young girl imagines being a princess and bedtime becomes a royal event. A nighttime snack of chocolate eclairs (I like her style!) await her as she comes home from the ball. A lady-in-waiting who looks a lot like her mom reviews the fluffy towels meant to dry a single toe while the princess takes a bubble bath. A footman also known as Daddy "checks the mattress for peas and other lumps." I laughed when I read that her stuffed froggy is named Prince. The night ends with the footman appropriately reading a bedtime story.

Princess Says Goodnight is a fun read aloud for preschool and K-2 students. I might try a writing exercise asking students to draw pictures and/or write what their bedtime routine would be in their imagination. I might choose being shot out of a cannon into a feather bed, but that's just me. I would also want to discuss where the girl's ideas came from. Hopefully, students will discover that they come from books and connect this thought to the dad reading her a story at the end.

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