Monday, July 19, 2010

The Coldest Places on Earth

The Coldest Places on Earth
written by Jennifer M. Besel
(Capstone Press) 2010
Source: Orange County Public Library

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A refreshing book to read during a hot July, The Coldest Places on Earth is full of facts about the most frigid locations on our planet. The first section titled Cold!, gives information about near freezing temperatures (34 degrees) on the floor of the ocean, an ice hotel in Sweden (23 degrees), and the North Pole. Colder! takes us to Mount McKinley where temperatures can get to -40F. For the 200,000 citizens of Yakutsk, Russia, this is the high temperature for January. I'm not tough enough to spend a winter holiday in Yakutsk. In Coldest!, we get to visit the town of Snag in the Yukon Territory. This is where the coldest temperature (-81F) in North America has been recorded and then we go to Antarctica where the lowest air temperature on earth (128.5F) occurred in 1983.

The Coldest Places on Earth is full of nonfiction text features (bold print, glossary, index, maps, pronunciation guides) and interesting facts to pull in reluctant readers who need to work on content reading. The photographs are eye-catching which make this book a good addition to your nonfiction collection.

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