Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bag in the Wind

Bag in the Wind
written by Ted Kooser; illustrated by Barry Root
(Candlewick Press) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

A windy morning takes a yellow plastic bag out of a landfill where it begins a journey toward a small town in this environmental tale.  A girl, collecting aluminum cans for money, finds the bag on a barbwire fence and uses it to hold her cans.  The bag is used for different purposes by a variety of people such as a couple of store owners and a few homeless people. As the bag travels, the reader gets glimpses of small town life with beautifully illustrated views of countrysides and thrift stores and textual glimpses of our care of the environment.

Bag In The Wind is a powerful story that uses small details to build a narrative that shows how we interact with the trash that we create and how we can recycle to limit the amount.  A good book will make you think, and this book will spur readers to think about what we do with the plastic bags that we receive on a daily basis. It would make a great companion to another 2010 book, Here Comes The Garbage Barge.

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