Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bunny Days

Bunny Days
written and illustrated by Tao Nyeu
(Dial Books for Young Readers) 2010
Source: Orange County Public Library

I see this book and I'm intrigued by the cover. An unusual illustration of rabbits posing for a picture taken by a bear against a white background. It all seems cute and perfect for preschool readers. Then I read the first of three stories in the book, Muddy Bunnies. Combine mud, bunnies, a handy bear, a washing machine on the delicate cycle, a laundry line that makes me think of Lyndon Johnson, and you get a very funny and clever book. The other two stories, Dusty Bunnies and Bunny Tails, are equally humorous.

Bunny Days would be a popular choice for a read-aloud in preschool or kindergarten.  You could teach a great lesson on prediction. After the first story, students would begin to understand the humor and adjust their predictions for the next story. If you really want to get deep, this adjustment is synthesizing since students are adding to their previous knowledge and coming up with something different. Enjoy the book trailer below:

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