Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chester's Masterpiece

Chester the cat has taken author Melanie Watt's writing and illustrating tools and written a book of his own. Using a red marker, Chester has placed himself as the hero of this book while fending off Watt's yellow sticky note complaints.
Being a cat, Chester is not exactly sure how to go about writing a book, so he has to somewhat listen to Watt's suggestions.  The hilarious back and forth between cat and author continues throughout the book until a surprise ending forces Chester to reveal the location of the tools.

Chester's Masterpiece is an extremely clever way to show the different pieces of a story (character, setting, etc.). Chester's self-involvement (like a true cat!) helps drive the story and create opportunities for humorous exchanges between faux author and real author. Like Mordicai Gerstein's A Book, this book gives the reader great insight into the thinking that starts the writing of a book.  Students will love the funny conversations and illustrations and teachers will love the thinking about writing that will emanate from reading this book aloud.

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