Thursday, April 8, 2010

Woof: A Love Story

A smitten hound dog has trouble communicating with the object of his affection, a white cat.  He says "I love you", "You're pretty", and "I adore you", but all the frightened cat, perched in a tall tree, hears is "Woof" or "Grrr". The hound dog finally gives up and decides to dig to relieve his heartbreak. While digging he finds a trombone and thus a conduit for expressing his love for the cat. After a few errant notes, the dog finds the right tune and expresses his love for the cat through music.

Woof: A Love Story is a delightful rhyming story of miscommunication with a happy ending. Sarah Weeks's use of similes ("tiny and pink as a cake-frosting rose") are one example of her nimble and clever use of words. Holly Berry's collage illustrations are humorous and rich. Each page is like a feast of expressions and colors.

Woof could be read for several different purposes. There are several themes (love, determination, miscommunication, differences) that could be explored. This book would be a great vehicle for partner reading or for a reader's theater piece.

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