Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sticky Burr: The Prickly Peril

Grouchy Scurvy Burr, unlike in character from our kind hero Sticky Burr, is the narrator of the graphic novel The Prickly Peril. Scurvy is upset and jealous of Sticky.  He feels burrs should be prickly and not doing fun things like having fairs and variety shows. After being chastised by his tribe of burrs for being prickly, Scurvy decides to get rid of Sticky by enlisting the help of the evil Burweena. Scurvy's plan is a success at first, but goes awry when he underestimates the pluck of Sticky and the evil ambition of Burweena. It is up to Sticky and Mossy Burr to save the village from Scurvy's ineptitude and Burweena's schemes.

The Sticky Burr series, created by John Lechner, is entertaining, but also sneaky in how it dispenses real science information through the plot of the story. Lechner infuses this graphic novel with journal entries and a lot of humor. Early readers will enjoy the graphic novel format which, in my experience, is very popular with readers who are transitioning from leveled readers to chapter books.

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