Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Many Days

Graduation season is nearly upon us and chances are you will need to buy a gift for a lucky grad. A book is a popular gift choice with Oh, The Places You'll Go! the clear favorite. While I love Dr. Seuss, you run the risk of being the fourth person to give this book to your graduate. If you are looking for something different that will still inspire and make someone feel loved without covering them in syrupy language, try So Many Days. Alison McGhee's rhythmic text is a mixture of questions about the future and inspirational reminders ("You are braver than you know."). Combine this with Taeeun Yoo's wonderful blue and green linocut illustrations and you get a terrific book that can be read as a closure to one era and the beginning to another.  This book would also make a nice gift for a beloved teacher who can turn around and read it to their class on the last day of school.

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