Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nikki and Deja: The Newsy News Newsletter

After watching Evan crash on a skateboard and remembering Mr. Robinson locking himself out of his house when he went to get his paper, Nikki and Deja decide there is plenty of "newsy news" on Fulton Street and begin working on a newsletter. For Nikki, this is a dream come true as she wants to be a journalist when she becomes an adult. The first edition is a success with news from Carver Elementary and Fulton Street prompting Nikki and Deja's neighbors to snap up copies of the newsletter. Creating the second edition brings unexpected problems for our intrepid duo, who learn some valuable life lessons as a result.

Karen English, author of the Nikki and Deja series, is an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles. Even if I had not read the author's bio on the inner sleeve, I probably would have been able to guess this since this book perfectly captures the experiences of elementary school children.  Nikki's excitement about her I Spy key chain is one example of how English's characters ring true.  The first chapter would easily work as the centerpiece for a lesson on making connections.

Nikki and Deja are appealing characters for second and third graders to read about. I know this first hand since I already have one young lady who is excited after reading the first chapter. I need to finish this review since she is eagerly waiting to get the book back!

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