Saturday, April 17, 2010


One of my favorite childhood memories was going to the ice cream truck and buying a screwball ice cream. The ice cream came in a plastic cone shaped cup with a gumball in the bottom of the cup.  I looked forward to finding that gumball after eating the ice cream. Emily Gravett's books are like a screwball ice cream. You enjoy reading the book, but your favorite part is the ending because you know she is going to have something special at the end. The narrator of Dogs tells about all the different dogs they like.  There are stripy dogs and spotty dogs. Hairy dogs and bald dogs. The best dogs of all? That's the gumball at the end.

Emily Gravett's illustrations have expressive characters which are perfect for a book about dogs. As a dog owner, my dogs have several different expressions that I have to interpret every day. I appreciate the short text because you can transition this book from a read-aloud to having a student read it on their own. Students will want to read this book over and over again.  As with most Gravett books, you can use this to teach predictions and surprise endings in writing.

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