Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Bear Hug

A bear with a lot of love to give hugs every living creature in the forest, even those creatures that he is supposed to eat. It doesn't matter if they are too big (moose), too small (bird), too smelly (you can guess), or too scary (snake). Everything needs a hug.  The bear's favorite thing to hug is a tree.  All trees are treated equally with a hug. One day a man with an axe walks into the forest and creates a feeling of anger in the bear that he has not experienced before. Now the bear must make a decision: Eat the man or perhaps do something a little different.

Big Bear Hug, written and illustrated by Nicholas Oldland, is a humorous (a bear hugging a beaver is always funny!) story that also teaches us that simple acts can be quite powerful.  Preschoolers and primary students will be able to make connections with their feelings and those of the bear.  This would be a good book to read for talking about how we deal with anger and positive solutions for those feelings.

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