Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Bed Ed

I can relate to the parents in Back to Bed, Ed. My wife and I devised several schemes to get our two daughters to go to sleep on their own when they were young. None of them worked and each of our daughters went to sleep on their own when they were good and ready.  Ed's parents also suffer through a paucity of sleep due to his lack of desire to stay in the bed. He likes all the activities of getting ready for bed, but when it's actually time to go to bed, he'd rather be with his mom and dad. When Mom and Dad draw a line in the sand (or in this case, a line in the hallway carpet), Ed comes up with his own solution to his nighttime loneliness.                                                         
Sebastien Braun's illustrations are right on the mark with his depictions of a scared Ed and his weary parents. I especially like the illustration of his parents at breakfast when they come up with "the plan." Back to Bed, Ed speaks to a familiar theme of a child having to deal with anxiety and working toward independence. Preschoolers will easily make connections with this book and enjoy reading it. Older students might enjoy discussing why Ed is not able to go to sleep on his own and whether his parents are being fair with him.

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