Friday, March 19, 2010

Plants Live Everywhere!

Plants Live Everywhere! is a nonfiction title that is quite versatile and therefore a great addition to your classroom or personal library.  If you want to introduce your primary students to the study of biomes, try this book.  There are seven different ecosystems featured in Plants Live Everywhere!, but the information is not overwhelming which lends it to teaching comparing as well. Students could read this book (5th graders who struggle with reading would find this book very accessible) and use it as a source for a research project on plants and/or biomes. Mary Dodson Wade has included several text features (table of contents, glossary, bold print, labels, procedural text) that will be helpful in learning how to read nonfiction.  As part of the I Like Plants! series, Plants Live Everywhere! also contains a piece of procedural text in the back that will encourage students to try an experiment at home.

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