Friday, March 26, 2010

A Penguin Story

Edna the penguin is certain that there must colors other than blue, black, and white. Her friends encourage her to participate in other activities, but Edna is determined to continue her search for other colors.  With a large fish under her flipper, she sets off to find other colors.  After much searching, she stumbles upon an orange research station.  Edna and the other penguins make friends with the scientists who give her an orange glove as a thank you before they leave.  The next day, wearing her orange glove on her head, Edna wonders if there are other colors as well.

A Penguin Story has been out for over a year, but I just saw it recently at my library and penguin books are quite popular so hence the delay.  As are many others (see Fuse #8 review for a much stronger review than mine), I am a fan of Antoinette Portis's spare drawings and clever text. Edna the penguin is a great source for making connections, because so many of us wonder what lies beyond the horizon. I also think it would be a fun writing exercise to ask students to write about a world where they only had three colors.  What would those colors be? I'd like purple to be in mine.

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