Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Inside Tree

Mr. Potter is a kind soul.  When he sees his dog lying down next to his tree on a cold night, he invites the dog to come in and also decides that he should be an inside dog.  Unfortunately, Mr. Potter is now worried that the tree is lonely so he does the logical(?) thing and brings the tree inside so it will have company.  At first, it is a "cozy arrangement" between man, inside dog, and inside tree.  The funny thing about young trees is that, like young children, they can grow rather quickly. Mr. Potter decides that the tree needs more room so he makes a hole in his rooftop. A starry sky prompts Mr. Potter to think that this was a good decision until the outside world decides it wants to come in as well.

The Inside Tree, written by Linda Smith and illustrated by David Parkins, is a humorous book to use for teaching cause and effect.  Mr. Potter's actions have reactions which lead to a sort of muted mayhem.  Hand in hand with cause and effect comes prediction so there are opportunities to teach this skill as well.

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