Thursday, March 25, 2010

Imogene's Last Stand

Imogene Tripp is Liddleville, New Hampshire's most passionate(and possibly its shortest) historian.  For example, "as a kindergartner, she used her show-and-tell time to give a series of lectures on important women in history."  Now she has set her sights on the decrepit Liddleville Historical Society.  Imogene wants to fix it up so townspeople can learn about Liddleville's history.  Her father says it is a mess, but Imogene is convincing when she quotes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr by saying "We are made by history." Unfortunately for Imogene, after she fixes up the house and starts offering tours, the mayor declares that the house must be torn down to make way for a new shoelace factory.  Like John Paul Jones, Imogene has yet to begin to fight and she uses her historical knowledge to try and save the historical society from destruction.

Imogene's Last Stand, written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter is a great book to read at any time, but especially near historical holidays in order to help us remember why our history is important. Imogene is also an example of how we want children to be problem solvers and to seek several solutions instead of getting discouraged if the first one does not work.

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