Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Delicious Bug

It's a quiet and peaceful day in the forest when Wally and Willy the chameleons both see a rather large bumblebug.  Both shoot their tongues toward the bug and catch it at the same time.  Neither chameleon can let go of the bug or their pride and so what ensues is an escalating battle of wills that eventually involves innocent bystander animals of the forest.  Willy and Wally fight until they reach the brink of extinction and it is this realization that causes them to change their colors and realize the value of friendship.

The Delicious Bug, written and illustrated by Janet Perlman, is a funny (but not preachy) story about sharing and how to be a good friend.  Primary students will be able to make connections and recognize the problem/solution of this story. This would be a great book for students to have discussions about the importance of friendship and sharing.

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