Friday, February 19, 2010

Tillie Lays An Egg

If you teach a class in pre-K, kindergarten, or first grade and teach a farm unit, then you should add Tillie Lays An Egg to your collection of books for this unit.

Tillie the hen is impatient and not interested in waiting for space in the henhouse to lay her egg.  She's also not interested in eating corn and would rather look for worms. Tillie's wandering takes her to the farmhouse where she lays eggs in several unusual places.

Terry Golson, owner of the hens and author of this book, has written a fun text that lends itself to discussions about prediction (Where do you think Tillie will lay her next egg?) and would be great to use for introducing graphic organizers (A Venn diagram that compares Tillie and the other hens). Ben Fink's photographs are cheerful snapshots full of farm reds and yellows (shouldn't these be Crayola colors?).

Go to the website and see the hencam and goatcam.

One of the children's librarians told me that teachers could easily create chicken units with the amount of books being published with chicken themes. That would be an interesting list of books.


  1. Hi - I'm the author - thanks for this post! I'm working on a teacher's page for my web site. Can I use your ideas? BTW, I have a list of my favorite chicken books for kids on this page:

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to use my ideas. I love the book and have passed it on to a kindergarten class.


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