Monday, February 22, 2010

Crocodiles are the Best Animals of All!

Crocodile has a rather large ego.  When the donkey mentions that other animals have talents different than what he can do, the crocodile boasts "How wrong you are! Whatever you do, I do better by far."  One by one the other animals test the crocodile by listing their greatest talents and crocodile matches each animal by outdoing them in regards to that particular talent. For instance, the kangaroo bounces quite high, but Crocodile is able to bounce even higher. Crocodile's boasting becomes more and more unbearable until finally Donkey puts him in his place.

Sean Taylor's humorous rhymes and Hannah Shaw's comical illustrations (an orangutan wearing Jams-like shorts) combine to teach a lesson on how "pride goeth before a fall."  PreK-2 students will enjoy the humor and will enjoy predicting how each animal will challenge Crocodile.

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