Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Skateboarding Field Manual

Back in the '70s (I'm showing my age) I had a yellow banana board skateboard and I would skate down the big hill in my neighborhood (I lived in a dangerous age. No helmet or kneepads. Just a big bottle of mecurochrome). I never really delved deep into the sport, but I had fun hurtling down our hill. Ryan Stutt has brought back memories with The Skateboarding Field Manual. Stutt has created a great nonfiction read with eye-catching photographs and plenty of procedural text for learning new skateboarding tricks.  This would be an ideal book for a reluctant reader.  I enjoyed reading about the history of skateboarding (the photograph of an 18 year old Tony Hawk was a trip) and the section on skate park etiquette. If you have any skater dudes or dudettes in your class, check out this book and put it in their hand.

You could use this text to teach how to read a procedural text or for a lesson on context clues (see the section on how to do an ollie). I could also see contrasting the skate park etiquette section with another etiquette piece like a set of school rules.  It would certainly grab the attention of your students.  If you could actually learn a trick and demonstrate it, all the better.

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