Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Forever Dress

One of the fun things about watching my daughters grow up is to pass along their clothes to younger children and remember the good times of the past.  Many of my daughters' dresses have been created by their grandmother who is a wonderful seamstress. Reading My Forever Dress, written by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated by Liz Murphy, reminded me of the clothes my mother-in-law has sewn.

In the story, a little girl's grandmother sews a dress for her every year.  When she turns seven, the little girl and her grandmother have a conversation about recycling (There is an environmental message in this book, but it's not overwhelming.). The grandmother uses old material to make a new dress which becomes the forever dress since it is used and reused again and again over the coming years.

The collage illustrations are terrific and fit perfectly with the sewing setting. Vocabulary lessons could be taught using this book as there are several terms (bodice, skein) that may be unfamiliar.  There are many examples of sequence as well as a character that changes over time. My Forever Dress is a sweet story that presents many opportunities to teach reading skills.

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