Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fu Finds The Way

Fu is a young man who wants to have fun and not plant rice.  When his father inspects Fu's work, he is disappointed and explains to Fu that he needs plant his rice in neat rows like the other rice paddies. After his father leaves, Fu angrily throws a handful of mud to the terrace below.  The mud strikes Chang, a fearsome warrior, who immediately demands to meet Fu in a duel the next morning.  Fu is frantic and decides that his only chance is to learn how to fight from the Master.  What Fu learns, through a series of tea ceremonies, is purpose, flow, and patience which all come into play when he meets Chang in the morning.

Fu Finds The Way, written and illustrated by John Rocco, is a beautiful book in word and picture.  Rocco explains in his author's note that watching a tea ceremony in Hong Kong gave him the idea for this book.  Fu learns that how you do something could be more important than what you actually do. This would be a great book to teach character analysis as we see how Fu changes during the progression of the story.  You could also record predictions as you read through the book as there are surprises throughout Fu Finds The Way. If you have a SmartBoard, click on this cool trailer to show before you read the book. Wabi Sabi would be a good companion book.

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