Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Extreme Scientists

One of my favorite subjects to teach in reading is nonfiction text features. I enjoy all the different forms of information and exploring every nook and cranny of nonfiction books.  Donna M. Jackson's Extreme Scientists is a bonanza of nonfiction text features.  Three scientists are the focus of this book.  Paul Flaherty is a hurricane hunter who explains how he was inspired by a hurricane to become a meteorologist. Microbiologist Hazel Barton explores caves to learn more about microbes. Biologist Steve Sillett shows that climbing trees is not just for kids as he searches for discoveries among California redwood trees.  Each of these scientists has a passion and a curiosity that has its dangerous side.

The photographs in this book are simply stunning.  Students will pass this book back and forth with "oohs" and "aahs". Each section talks about how the scientist began studying in their chosen field and there is a Q and A piece at the end of the section as well.  There are a ton of nonfiction features including labels, maps, a glossary, and a resource page with links.

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