Friday, December 18, 2009

The Clever Stick

There once was a stick who was extremely clever. Unfortunately, he was unable to communicate with the living creatures that surrounded him.  This frustrated the stick who wanted to share his ideas and ask questions of those he watched.  He especially longed to talk to the beautiful wild rose in the field.  One day, after being discouraged by his invisibility, he dragged himself home.  What he discovered on this trek changed his life and outlook forever.

John Lechner's The Clever Stick, like other Fablevision creations, existed as a telefable before going to print.  This book would be great for a study of problem/solution.  The stick would also be ideal for a character study.  You could ask students an essential question like "What is the best way to communicate?" and follow with specific details from The Clever Stick.   An interesting companion piece to this book would be William Steig's The Amazing Bone.

Check out John's website for cool telefables (He Was Me, Sticky Burr) and games.