Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Are The First Kid On Mars

You Are The First Kid On Mars, written and illustrated by Patrick O'Brien, is an engaging mixture of science fiction and facts that will hook readers (especially your Star Wars fans) and lead them to learn more about space. O'Brien shows us what it might be like on a future journey to Mars through the use of imagined devices (space elevator - cool idea!), facts (Mars and Earth can be as close as 35 million miles to each other and as far as 248 million miles), and vivid illustrations that look like photographs.

Since this book is a combination of facts and O'Brien's vision of the future, it would be an excellent text to use for teaching how to determine if a piece of information is a fact. You Are The First Kid On Mars could also be utilized for teaching sequence (think time lines) and included in a unit on space. It would also be interesting to contrast this book with Moonshot or another recent book about the moon and compare the two different journeys.  If you know a reluctant reader, try putting this picture book in their hands as well.

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