Thursday, November 5, 2009

Into the Deep

As a kid, I read mostly nonfiction, Boxcar Children books, and collections of Peanuts comic strips. I knew the biography section well, but I don't recall having too many picture books that were biographies. Now, it's hard to find the time to read all of the really good ones that have been published just this year.

David Sheldon's Into the Deep, is a biography of naturalist William Beebe. Beebe searched remote areas around the world to find rare species of animals and to teach others about the need for conservation. He, along with Otis Barton, invented the Bathysphere which allowed him to search the unexplored depths of the ocean.

Into the Deep is full of bright and exotic illustrations that illuminate why William Beebe loved nature. I would add this book to my biography collection and also use it to discuss conservation issues. Sheldon's text is full of vivid verbs so you could also read it for a writing mini-lesson.

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