Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bartleby Speaks!

Bartleby Huddle is interested in many things.  He likes to play in the sandbox, color pictures, and generally enjoys life at his pace.  One thing that does not interest him is talking.  Much to his noisy family's chagrin, Bartleby decides to remain silent. Mama Huddle tries singing opera to encourage him to speak.  Papa Huddle plays his cello while big sister Isadora tap dances feverishly in an effort to make Bartleby say something.  It isn't until Grampy Huddle arrives for his birthday that Bartelby shows any desire to speak.  When he does, a lesson is learned by the other noisy Huddles.

Bartleby Speaks!, written by Robin Cruise and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes, is a fun story with a lead character who embodies the joy of simply listening.  Bartleby follows his own path without being obnoxious, and that's a pretty good lesson for all of us.

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