Sunday, October 18, 2009

iPod Touch apps for elementary students

My wife has an iPod Touch from school, so we have been downloading apps to use with our two daughters. I also want to use these with the students that I work with at Cameron Park. Some of our favorites are:
MonsterABC ($.99)- Letter and word recognition with a green monster.
Clifford's BE BIG with Words ($1.99) - This app allows the child to make words regardless of which letters they choose from the palette.
Twisty Text Lite - Addictive free app that asks you to make words
in 2 minutes from the letters given. Think Boggle.
PopMath ($.99) and MathRaces ($.99) are great for computation work.

One disappointment: Word Girl ($1.99) didn't do as much as we would have hoped. Great graphics, but the user is actually asked to do very little in the way of learning. For this price, we need more interaction.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    I like your blog! :) Check out, it has FREE apps every Friday! They are featuring some great appbooks today to try. Some of these would be great for the classroom!! Enjoy!


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