Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Wolf and Little Wolf

Big Wolf is perfectly happy with his life living under a big tree. A little blue wolf shows up and Big Wolf tolerates him but is definitely not abundant with his affection. The little wolf mimics Big Wolf in everything he does and Big Wolf starts getting used to having Little Wolf around. One day, after a long walk, Big Wolf comes back to the tree to find Little Wolf absent from the tree. He suddenly realizes how lonely he is without the little wolf. I'm definitely not a professional reviewer, so read Fuse #8's review for a more informed analysis.

What I try to do in my reviews is talk about how I use the book in the classroom. I read this book to two different groups today (kindergarten and 5th grade students) and did a lesson on how we can connect to the feelings of a character (in this case Big Wolf). The students made a ton of text-self connections and discovered how it helped them understand the story better. More importantly, both groups really enjoyed the story.

Written by Nadine Brun-Cosme and illustrated by Olivier Tallec, Big Wolf and Little Wolf is a sweet story about the emotions of finding and keeping a friend. The sequel, Big Wolf and Little Wolf, The Little Leaf That Wouldn't Fall, is now available.

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